Wearable Tech: Helping the Blind to See

We recently wrote about wearable tech that allowed the visually impaired to read without assistance. Here’s another great invention that will allow the blind to see: bionic eye implants!

This tech is given to patients suffering from retintis pigmentosa, a form of progressive vision loss. Five surgeries are required to input an artificial implant. This, coupled with glasses housing a small video camera and transmitter, allows users to see.

Images from the camera are converted into a series of electrical pulses that are transmitted wirelessly to an array of electrodes on the surface of the retina. The pulses stimulate the retina’s remaining healthy cells, causing them to relay the signal to the optic nerve.

Like any other muscle, the retina must be retrained and exercised. Doctors are confident patients will be able to not only recognize shapes and colors, but regain their vision.

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[Via: CBS News]

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