Using Software Defining Networking to Manage IoT

Using Software Defining Networking to Manage IoT post thumbnail image

Recently, the IOT Journal discussed the scale of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the role software-defined networking (SDN) will play. Gartner estimates that 20 billion devices will be connected to IoT by 2020. By this scale, devices supporting IoT will require service providers with accommodating networks. This includes drones and wearables as well as network devices like routers. The devices with continuous and reliable connection are crucial for safety and commerce applications of IoT. Poor support would affect day today users too, such as when video streaming or checking emails.

SDN will be an effective tool in managing IoT cost effectively and to respond quickly to direct internet traffic. Private pathways for business communications can be managed by service providers to be separate from public internet.  Pre-defined policies and remotely-managed SDN networks will allow for easier responses to new devices. That way, targeted advertising or basic navigation devices will already have policies implemented.

As IoT traffic grows, automated provisioning of bandwidth could route internet traffic through different areas depending on the speed required. Steps toward the prioritization of health and safety applications can include dedicated bandwidth channels. Manual solutions for critical applications like health ans safety would be unnecessary were devices aware of each other.  Pe-defined policies woul mean traffic solutions are solved automatically.

Via:  IOT Journal

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