Using IoT to Conserve Water

As many Californians and most Americans know, there is a water crisis on our hands. California is in the middle of a drought, and many parts of the United States are facing similar problems. Government Technology says that the Internet of Things (IoT) is one potential tool that can address the problem and help with conservation.

IoT can help improve yield for delivering water. Much of water-related infrastructure is outdated, and water-supply systems lose 16 percent on average during delivery. IoT would be able to solve this by calculating the cost of repair compared to the volume of water saved. With sensors in the infrastructure, analyzing water flow would help companies and homeowners. The sensors would be able to detect leakages in residential homes, stop the water leak, and call for repair.

Using sensors can help conserve water by giving consumers access to their own water usage. Northern California’s East Bay have partnered with WaterSmart to let people see their consumption compared to other people. An IoT system can help users save water by sending reminders and letting them know how and where they use the most water.

A majority of the water conservation will come from automating agricultural and municipal water usage. Many companies water their landscapes regardless of weather. Sensors would gauge the environment and allow businesses to find out how much water plants need. IoT can give better information about water supply and demand and help utilities and government conserve and use water efficiently.

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