Turnkey Pro: An Easy Way to Order PCBs and Assembly

Having trouble with your circuit board ordering process? Start eliminating delays and hassle using Sierra’s Turnkey Pro to get your quote and place your order in just 5 minutes.

Sierra Circuits is proud to introduce Turnkey Pro, an online service that allows you to order PCBs and PCB Assembly entirely online. Turnkey Pro is a full turnkey quickturn service offering fully assembled prototype circuit boards in 5 days.

Learn more about Turnkey Pro in the video below.


0:04 – Partnering with a vendor 

Hello again. I’m Amit the PCB guy, and today I want to discuss something revolutionary in the PCB world. A grand perspective on the turnkey fabrication and assembly process and exciting new directions in this ever-changing industry.

Turnkey Pro is the ultimate preemptive resource in an ever-changing industry that keeps the customer out in front of the technology they’re working with.

0:32 – Introducing Turnkey Pro 

Collaboration between fabricator and PCB designer is absolutely paramount when dealing with prototype work. So Sierra Circuits has created a revolutionary new platform that provides the customer the power to achieve a zero defect product within a week. This is of tremendous economic value to anybody racing to come to market first in a new segment, or that wants to introduce a competitive product.

Having over 30 years of experience in the printed circuit board industry, Sierra Circuits has discovered that partnering with a vendor to maximize efficiency through all phases of the PCB process is always the best practice.

1:11 – Save time and money 

Sierra Circuits manufactures the highest tech electronic prototypes in the world. Our expertise is in time and technology. We save you time by understanding your technology. If the customer hasn’t designed to a specific set of rules governed by the manufacturer, inevitable changes will cost the customer time, money and ultimately a compromise with the product they are hoping for. And because of the reality of a driving schedule, more often than not, a customer can’t just go back to the drawing board. There’s simply no time for it.

1:30 – The smart cost reduction 

Where Sierra Circuits is most effective is during the prototype process. Our focus has become combining software tools, products and services in a way that helps designers create manufacturable products that are cost effective from the outset. By cutting cycle times down during the design phase we are able to deliver better and faster results throughout the process, which in turn reduces cost. This is known as smart cost reduction.

2:00 – The BOM Checker 

From the point of receiving files to the execution of shipping boards, Sierra Circuits has created a seamless process designed around problem prevention. Here’s an example of how we assist the PCB designer. More often than not the BOMs that customers use tend to have issues with long lead time components or information that doesn’t cross-check. So we’ve created a BOM check software called BOM Checker. This is useful to verify component part numbers, manual errors and component pricing.  It’s fast, efficient and free to use for quick verification of available components and BOM scrub.

Because the prototyping process is inherent to errors, the BOM Checker is the best way to screen and catch as many errors up front and minimize the work of the designer while proactively preventing delays in their project.

2:59 – Partnership and transparency 

Sierra Circuits believes in partnership and transparency and Turnkey Pro works in exactly that manner. When a customer places an order with Turnkey Pro, they can see who is working on what step along the way, and if an issue should arise there is real-time communication in the moment. This alleviates common problems that occur in our niche industry.

Now you can escape the chaos and confusion of turnkey PCB’s… and work like a pro. A Turnkey Pro.

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