Thin Gadgets Use Flexible PCBs

Fun, useful and versatile PCBs have never been more accessible. Ynvisible, a Lisbon-based project, aims to “encourage a new mode of thinking not shaped by uncompromising PCBs and heavy plastic housings.”

Ynvisible is running a crowdfunding campaign for Printoo, which campaign-runner Ines Henriques believes will bring back the popularity of 2D printing. Flexible PCBs can be used in a variety of gadgets and components, alongside and similar to what Raspberry Pi and Ardruino are allowing hobbyists and experimenters to create.

Printoo gives professionals a powerful new toolkit, but the papers nature of the technology makes it approachable for beginners. The boards can be cut with scissors and if a budding designer is scared of soldering irons, conductive paint pens can be used to draw circuits on the thin plastic substrate.

Together, Ynvisible and Printoo plan on “increasing [the] design possibilities electrochromics offer, mainly due to the transparency and flexible form factor of the displays. We can break free from rectangular dedicated spaces and flat rigid surfaces for electronic displays.”

Via: Wired

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