Thermal Profiling Quiz

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In PCB soldering temperature and time must be tightly controlled, if you aim for a better outcome. It’s a balancing act, indeed. PCB assemblies require processing at a high temperature for a long enough time period for good solder joints. But again overshooting the temperature or heating, the assembly too quickly can damage components. Also, insufficient heating can cause poor soldering and long-term reliability issues. The only way to get time and temperature just right is to measure and analyze. This is what is thermal profiling.

Take this quiz and check your knowledge about thermal profiling and check for yourself where you stand.



Hurray! Being one of the most significant aspects of solder reflow, it is quite a thing in the PCB world. And your knowledge of Thermal Profiling is above average. Balancing your boards on time and temperature should be your genre.

Now take-up this Flying Probe Testing Quiz and see your score.

Ohhh hoo! You need to pull up your socks. Thermal profile is quite a significant aspect of reflow soldering. A better grip on this will help you have a better PCB.

Now go through our DFM Handbook and look out for your basics.


#1. If you have a RoHS compliant component, what should be the maximum temperature of your thermal profile?


#2. Can you include a RoHS compliant and non-RoHS compliant component on the same design?


#3. What are the benefits of thermal profiling?


#4. What are the elements in a thermal profiling system?


#5. Why does thermal profiling consist of data acquisition loggers?


#6. Which one of the following options is not the thermal profile measuring dimension?


#7. The oven control thermocouples will show:


#8. Which of the following is/are the objective/objectives of thermal profiling?



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