Common Errors That Cause PCB Assembly Holds

Double-check Your Orders to Avoid These Assembly Errors

Sierra Circuits builds boards precisely as our customers direct. We make sure we understand exactly what you want. We must hold a job if we find any discrepancy between your order and the files or parts you provide. Please double-check orders to avoid the following errors that would cause delays.
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IPC-2581B Will Ease the Information Transfer of PCB Stackups

PCB manufacturers often find that important details are unclear or missing from the designs customers submit, and such projects can’t move forward until the designers are reached for clarification. In many of those cases, it is the way design data are organized and conveyed that is ultimately to blame. Continue reading “IPC-2581B Will Ease the Information Transfer of PCB Stackups”

IPC-2581: A Bridge to PLM

Would a book be convenient if the chapters weren’t bound, were scattered among different locations, required translation, and handwritten? That’s akin to what PCB manufacturers face every day when piecing together Gerber files, drill files, board drawings, notations, netlists, BOMs, and pick-and-place coordinate files, to interpret what designers expect them to build. Continue reading “IPC-2581: A Bridge to PLM”