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Rick Hartley talks about signal integrity.

Rick Hartley – The State of Signal Integrity

We met with Rick Hartley during PCB West 2018 to discuss signal integrity, controlled impedance and other PCB designers’ pain points. What can you do to improve your designs? Listen

Geoffrey Hazelett talks about impedance and Polar Instruments tools

Geoffrey Hazelett – Impedance and Polar Instruments Tools

aDuring PCB West, we met with Geoffrey Hazelett to discuss one of the most important PCB topics: impedance. Vice President Sales at Polar Instruments, he also explained the importance of understanding electromagnetic

Impedance Discontinuity and Signal Reflection in PCB Transmission Lines
Images of 2 Pcb Boards and different sizes

Nine Cost Drivers for Rigid Circuit Boards

For PCB designers and engineers, optimization is key. Optimization of time, cost, and even effort. Sierra strives to provide customers with high-quality PCBs and excellent service. This includes best practice

Controlled Impedance Quiz

Controlled Impedance Quiz #2

Controlled impedance is not science fiction… Especially when you know how to calculate your controlled impedance traces. But, do you? Open our free Impedance Calculator – which will help you