Steve Sandler at DesignCon 2017

Join Steve Sandler, Picotest’s Managing Director, during his DesignCon sessions. Steve will be speaking at two sessions this year. Details are below. He will be also be signing copies of his book, Power Integrity. Come learn from a power integrity expert!

Tutorial: Measurement Based VRM Modeling
Ballroom B
Tuesday, January 31
1:30 pm — 4:30 pm

The VRM is a fundamental element in the power distribution network (PDN) with system level consequences. Very few, if any, manufacturers provide high fidelity VRM models and much of the data required to construct your own model is not published.

This session introduces a measurement based, non-linear VRM model that simulates very quickly while supporting both switching and AC characteristics and supports PCB influences via EM simulation. The model includes PSRR and input impedance, including negative resistance, as well as VRM impedance. The resulting model is extendable to polyphase applications.

Panel Speakers:
Steve Sandler — Managing Director, Picotest

Characterizing and Selecting the VRM
Ballroom D
Thursday, February 2
4:00 pm — 4:45 pm

The VRM is at the foundation of power integrity making proper selection essential. There are thousands of VRM’s and VRM controllers offered from many manufacturers. They are often selected based on size, efficiency or relationships to the manufacturer. This often leads to a poor VRM selection, which requires additional engineering resources as well as higher BOM costs to correct the deficiencies.

Even after the VRM or VRM controller is selected, the manufacturers guidelines and capacitor selection recommendations are counterproductive. In this session we’ll evaluate the choices, define useful figures of merit and provide specific selection suggestions.

Panel Speakers:
Steve Sandler — Managing Director, Picotest

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