Sierra Circuits Weekly Roundup: Cadence, Zuken, and Engineering Truisms

Industry News and Updates

Cadence Technology on Tour Recap
Amit Bahl presented on high-speed materials at Cadence’s Technology on Tour for PCB design and signal integrity analysis. Check out the recap, and the answers to questions that arose during the presentation.

PCB Design and the Need to Evolve
The evolution of PCB design has been revolutionary: the PCB is not longer the central focus, but rather, it is the product. Excellent guest post by Zuken’s Craig Armenti.

Stories We Didn’t Cover This Week

Flexible PCB Advantages
There are several advantages to working with flexible printed circuit boards. These boards of the future are lightweight, low-cost, and due to their bendable structure, are more versatile than the rigid alternative.

Engineering Truisms
Fake it till you make it doesn’t apply to engineering—and 12 other engineering truths.

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