Sierra Circuits Designs, Fabricates, and Assembles PCBs In-house

Most global contract manufacturers cater to large companies seeking one-stop management of their production needs. This can include everything from PCB design to board fabrication, and assembly among product development and construction. These manufacturers specialize in extensive projects that typically involve long lead times and big production quantities. The jobs those contractors take on is limited, and the revenue from each project is high. Most startups and medium-size companies cannot afford those integrated suppliers.

Sierra Circuits specializes in PCB manufacturing and assembly and High Density Interconnect Technology. From PCB layout and design to assembly and manufacturing, Sierra Circuits handles all aspects of PCB production in-house at their Sunnyvale, California location.

There are domestic contract manufacturers who coordinate various elements of electronics development and fabrication for customers whose product volumes are small, or whose projects are at the prototype stage. Some of these contractors focus on PCB design in house but partner with board fabricators and, in turn, with assemblers; others assemble PCBs but outsource board fabrication and may engage design services; still, others only fabricate boards and subcontract assembly.

In essence, they orchestrate services on their customers’ behalf as a single point of contact and responsibility. They earn the premium charged for that convenience—if they deliver quality results on time, which depends on whether their partners meet deadlines and whether transshipments are delayed.

Sierra Circuits Is A One-Stop Manufacturing PCB Shop

Sierra Circuits designs, fabricates, and assembles PCBs of any complexity entirely in house on quickturn schedules, in quantities ranging from a single board to medium-scale production. All manufacturing is done on-site within our Sunnyvale, California facilities. Our business model is tailored to streamlined prototype development and fabrication, as well as PCB production for high-value, low-volume systems for which reliability is crucial.

Advantages Include:

  • Saving our customers time, money, and effort
  • Providing our customers with unprecedented quality, reliability, and a single point of support
  • Eliminating communication regarding project requirements
  • Ensuring tight quality control
  • Removing days of delays, an unavoidable problem when using multiple vendors

Consider, for example, a startup company developing a medical diagnostic system that incorporates 40 different PCBs, which will sell for half a million dollars. Production volume is expected to ramp to 100 units per year within two years, post development. Some of the boards are very complex, embedding high-speed DSP, optical-network management, and database analysis functions. They variously include high-pin-count BGAs, stacked packages, and devices in BGAs with a 0.4-mm ball matrix. Two have been substantially redesigned and await layout, while the second revision to the layout of another nears completion. Three engineers within the company, two of whom are founders, have architected every board in the system. Time to market is critical, but the team lacks the bandwidth to complete the layouts before deadline, and has had difficulty managing the two fabricators and the assembly shop who built the boards to date.

Satisfying Customers Is Our Number One Goal

Sierra Circuits can help eliminate problems like this. We are in close collaboration with startups on delivery schedules tighter than contractors who merely integrate services could meet. Strategic relationships with key parts suppliers enable us to expedite turnkey service in one seamless in-house operation: from the receipt of customer schematics, to layout, to board fabrication, to component purchase, to the shipment of assembled boards.

We cater to the production needs of such companies who, when system development has been completed, may require only ten sets of 40 different boards to meet initial customer orders. And do so offering affordable prices.

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