Preventing Robots From Colliding

New algorithms will prevent robots from colliding into each other. Researchers from Georgia Tech’s Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Machines have programmed a team of small robots to move around without hitting each other. Autonomous machines rely on surveilled information about their surroundings to avoid collisions by a distance. When there are multiple robots, however, the “safety bubble” stops the robots’ movements to avoid collisions.

To fix this, roboticists made the robot’s bubble smaller to allow robots to make “the minimum amount of changes to their original behaviors in order to accomplish the task,” Forbes reported. The robots can now come within inches of each other without crashing. Barrier certificates and safe states in their programming ensure their movements won’t overwhelm their processors. Magnus Egerstedt, the director of the program, said in a press release that this technology is necessary for autonomous vehicle success if there will be thousands of cars in close quarters on the roads.

Watch the robots in action in the video below.

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