PCB West 2017: Vince Di Lello Interview

PCB West is for Sierra Circuits the best opportunity to meet PCB experts. Vince Di Lello, Senior Principal Product Engineer at Cadence, is one of them. During his interview with us, he summarized his presentation on Advancements in MCAD-ECAD Co-Design, and also explained how Cadence supports this co-design.

Watch Vince’s interview below!

Here are the questions we asked Vince:

0:05 Can you summarize your presentation?
1:24 MCAD-ECAD appears to be a wonderful idea. Please explain how Cadence supports this co-design?
2:07 What is a STEP model?
3:13 Can you discuss upcoming trends?

If you could not attend PCB West or stop by Sierra’s booth, do not miss our video series! Because we know you care about PCBs, board design, and engineering, we interviewed the most talented, knowledgeable speakers of the show.

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