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A PCB transmission line is a type of interconnection used for moving signals from their transmitters to their receivers on a printed circuits board. They are very complex to understand, which is why we created this quiz. Find out how much you know about PCB transmission lines!



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#1 How many conductors a PCB transmission line is usually composed of?


#2 What are usually these conductors?


#3 What is the volume between the two conductors?


#4 Why do transmission lines need to have a controlled impedance at high frequencies?


#5 Electromagnetic signals travel in vacuum or air at the same speed as of light. Why do signals travel on PCB transmission lines at a slower speed?


#6 What does “tpd” refer to?


#7 What is the propagation delay?


#8 What is approximately the signal speed for Isola 370HR materials on a stripline?


#9 What is approximately the propagation delay for Rogers 4000 series materials on a microstrip?




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9 thoughts on “

PCB Transmission Line Quiz

  1. Etienne Hirt says:

    unfortunately I could not see the pictures on firefox on linux. Thus I could not answer two questions. But fun it was

    1. Lucy Iantosca says:

      Sorry about that and thanks!

  2. Marc Stewart says:

    Broken link? There is no button to click to start the quiz, that I could find. The closest thing was this cryptic text between the text below the picture and the two links to other articles:
    [HDquiz quiz = "772"]

    Is that supposed to be a button?

    1. Lucy Iantosca says:

      Sorry the quiz plugin was down but it’s working again!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Of course, specially Low voltage signal lines! It needs low resistance passage way point to point!

  4. :( says:

    Three different browsers – none of them able to load your quiz (Chrome/Firefox/IE)

    1. Lucy Iantosca says:

      Sorry about that, our quiz plugin was down. It’s working again! 🙂

  5. radio-active says:

    I got 8 of 9 right — but I have an issue with #1. The transmission line itself is 1 conductor — the return path is a second conductor.

  6. Siddharth Bind says:

    I got 9/9

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