PCB Layout Design Engineering Quiz

PCB Manufacturing for HDI Quiz

On May 17 and 18, Sierra hosted a workshop on PCB Layout Design Engineering. Whether you attended the two-day training or not, check your knowledge on this subject!


Question #1: Which reference plane did Robert advise you to use to reference controlled impedance traces?

Question #2: What advice did Robert give about DDR2/3 layout?

Question #3: When it comes to DDR3, what can you do during the pin swapping?

Question #4: In the length matching process, when do you have to do the fine tuning?

Question #5: What are T-points?

Question #6: When you do a differential pair routing, what should your waves look like?

Question #7: When it is not specified, what is the distance Robert recommends to length match high-speed signals?

Question #8: What does Robert advise for the most common high-speed design rules?

Question #9: What should you do if you need more space in your stack-up?

Question #10: Which of the following is not a footprint tip Robert gave?




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