WEBINAR: An HDI Class with Sierra Circuits

Our first HDI webinar is entitled ”An HDI Class with Sierra Circuits.” We recorded it at our Bangalore office in June 2019 with Vadiraj Kulkarni, Senior PCB Consultant. As the name suggests, this HDI webinar is actually a class. During the recording, we had our content writers Taisha, Rahul and Pankaj sit in the room with Vadiraj, as he was going through the slides. The goal is to make this online event interactive. Your feedback is more than welcome!

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Flex PCBs in Satellite Applications: Lighter Than the Clouds

We are witnessing intensified race among various space agencies for supremacy over the skies since the past few years. As per reports by the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), more than 4,500 artificial satellites are orbiting the earth with an increase of 4.87% compared to the previous years. Additionally, the increasing interest for flexible PCBs in satellite applications is attributed to the longer lifecycle and the increased flexibility. The viability of a flex PCBs for satellite applications is dependent on capability PCB design to operate without fault anywhere up to 10 years.

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Is Industry 4.0 Truly Revolutionary When It Comes to PCBs?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says revolution? Change, rather a change for good. Something that alters the way of things to be.  In most cases, the change that manifested was necessary. Industry, the sector of the economy concerned with the manufacturing of goods, has also undergone several revolutions. The one in which we are putting our money in is the 4th industrial revolution or what we refer to as Industry 4.0. Continue reading “Is Industry 4.0 Truly Revolutionary When It Comes to PCBs?”

Composite Amplifiers: The Good and The Bad

Composite amplifiers are part of electronic circuit board designs for a long time, particularly in applications involving audio devices. However, there is a growing importance to revisit and reinvent the good and the bad of composite amplifiers. Diversified features of composite amplifiers are the major reasons for their increasing popularity, which are critical in various electronic circuitries. Several manufacturers are making serious efforts in widening the scope of composite amplifiers. The key features of these new age composite amplifiers include superior performance levels and higher flexibility. Let us get familiar with the term composite amplifiers. Continue reading “Composite Amplifiers: The Good and The Bad”

The Sorry State of Internet Security In Recent IoT Ecosystem

Talking about IoT makes us cool but neglecting it’s security aspects will certainly make us fools. Einstein once said, “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded humanity”. We are now at a point where the internet and its things are for real exceeding human race. Internet of Things (IoT) is the biggest yet wave of the internet sensation. IoT has the potential to connect nearly 28 billion ‘things’ to the internet by 2020, ranging from bracelets to your washing machines to cars. While the earlier developments of the internet mostly affected the technology industry, we believe IoT will go beyond technology to revamp every industry. Continue reading “The Sorry State of Internet Security In Recent IoT Ecosystem”

Isola Astra MT77 Materials Create Excitement Among PCB Manufacturers

The development of Isola Astra MT77 laminate and prepreg materials has garnered several eye-balls, particularly among PCB manufacturers. These materials will find applications in several mm-Wave systems. Astra MT77 is a low loss FR-4 process compatible laminate and prepreg. Isola Astra MT77 offers exceptional physical properties including broad operational frequency and higher temperature range. These laminates are highly preferred for commercial RF/microwave printed circuit designs and mm-Wave applications.

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