The National Day of Making

Besides being National Fishing Day and International Sushi Day, today is the first National Day of Making, celebrating Maker Faire. It is marks the first-ever White House Maker Faire.

President Obama was on hand to personally welcome attendees, which included more than 100 makers. From giant robotic giraffes to weather balloons in the Rose Garden, there was a wide variety of exhibits and creations. In addition, the White House announced several privately- and publicly-funded opportunities for makers, including the assistance of 13 federal agencies and the collaboration of local manufacturers for small designers and makers.

Originating in 2006, Maker Faire is the celebration of innovation, invention, and imagination. Make magazine founded this event to celebrate and bring together “arts, crafts, engineering, science projects, and the Do-It-Yourself mindset.” As of 2013, there are 98 different Mini Maker Faires and Featured Maker Faires.

San Mateo’s annual Maker Faire just ended. Read our recap, and mark your calendars for next year’s event!

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