Mark Montrose at DesignCon 2017

DesignCon is one of our industry’s largest shows, and one of our favorites. From emerging trends to industry breakthroughs, this show covers it all. We interviewed speakers and thought leaders to share their knowledge and expertise. Continue reading for Mark Montrose’s interview.

Here is the sixth of nine interviews from DesignCon 2017. Mark Montrose is a principle consultant at Montrose Compliance Services, Inc. He has over three decades of experience in the industry. He has written a book, EMC Made Simple.

Mark’s Tip of the Day
In order to ensure their design meets all functionality, there are three basic areas designers should be aware of:

1. Have a stable power distribution network.
2. Have an optimal RF return path.
3. Have a stable reference system.

00:05  What is DesignCon?
1:28  How has DesignCon changed in the last decade?
2:39  Can you summarize your presentation?
6:03  What are some EMC design practices designers should be aware of?
8:59  What are some effective ways PCB designers can apply the electromagnetic theory to their layouts?
10:43  Is there a way to resolve EMI issues at the outset?
13:55  Do you have any tips for designers when they are designing their PCBs?

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