Keysight Technologies at PCBWest 2015

Heidi Barnes of Keysight Technologies will be speaking at PCB West 2015. As an authority on high speed and signal integrity, this session is one you’ve got to check out.

Tips and Techniques To Characterize Signal Integrity Problems Quickly and Accurately
Wednesday, 3:00 — 4:00 pm

This session will show how to use TDR/TDT in simulations and measurements. Special tips and techniques will be demonstrated, such as the power of simple TDR/TDT simulations, using 1-port Automatic Fixture Removal (AFR), and Electronic Calibration (ECal) for TDR/TDT, that help characterize and troubleshoot SI issues with greater measurement accuracy.

We interviewed Heidi Barnes at DesignCon earlier this year, and learned a lot, tips on signal integrity. Watch the video below.

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