IPC Class 2 Vs Class 3 Quiz

PCB Manufacturing for HDI Quiz

The IPC classifications set the rules to follow when designing a printed circuit board. And between Class 2 and Class 3, the design requirements are fairly different. How much do you know about the different design rules for IPC Class 2 and Class 3? Take the quiz and find out!



Question #1: What is IPC?

Question #2: What is IPC Class 2 for?

Question #3: What kind of boards usually require IPC-6012DS Class 3A?

Question #4: What does happen when a surface-mount component is slightly placed off pad during assembly for a Class 3 board?

Question #5: What is the amount of barrel fill required for through-hole leads for IPC Class 2 boards?

Question #6: Which of the following is true about annular ring requirements for IPC Class 3 boards?

Question #7: When a minimum lateral spacing is maintained, what is the breakout of the hole from land allowed by IPC Class 2?

Question #8: For IPC Class 3, the minimum internal annular ring cannot be…

Question #9: And the minimum external annular ring for IPC Class 3 cannot be…

Question #10: What is the minimum dielectric for IPC Class 2 and Class 3?

Question #11: What is the void in copper requirements for IPC Class 2 boards?

Question #12: What is the through-hole plating thickness requirement for IPC Class 3 boards?




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