IPC-2581B Facilitates Quickturn PCB Fabrication

IPC-2581 is a standard near and dear to our hearts here at Sierra Circuits. In fact, we have an entire page dedicated to it on our blog. I recently wrote a blog post for EETimes on additional benefits IPC-2581 will bring to quickturn PCB fabrication. Here are the first few paragraphs. To read the article in its entirety, view on EETimes.

“Nearly all designs—90% or so—are output from CAD tools and conveyed to manufacturers as a collection of Gerber RX-274X files that graphically define the PCB layers, bundled with a drill file in Excellon format, a netlist in IPC-D-365A format, a stackup and board drawing in the form of a PDF, and notes for the build in the form of a Word document.

If the fabricator will also assemble the board, the collection will include a BOM in Excel format and a file of coordinate data for pick-and-place operations. This piecemeal way of delivering designs for fabrication—a diverse bundle of files in multiple formats—is hardly ideal from a manufacturing perspective, especially since a far better alternative (ODB++) is already at hand and an even better framework (IPC-2581B) will soon be available.”

Continue reading the article here.

For more information on IPC-2581, check out our article about IPC-2581 set to retire Gerber files and IPC-2581 Tech Talk video.

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