How IoT Will Revolutionize Our Lives

The Internet of Things (IoT) and IoT technologies have the power to change the world. Huffington Post UK’s Roger Bou highlights the potential usages and details how IoT will revolutionize our lives.

Global energy demand is predicted to double by 2030, but the concept of “smart grids” could help by redirecting power more efficiently. If power stations to residential meters are made network-aware, then the power demanded and used can be analyzed and directed where it’s needed. This type of technology can also be extended to other utilities like water.

The IoT also aids the healthcare industry. Patients who require long-term care and multiple visits to the hospital can monitor themselves in the convenience of their home. Benefits include reminding the patient to take medication, or exercise. It can alert both the patient and the doctor if a doctor’s visit is necessary.

The IoT will advance the computerization of autonomous manufacturing. IoT will also utilize interoperable machines, devices, and sensors, which will work autonomously and work more efficiently. Using IoT, technologies can monitor work environments and employees. Data relative to tasks, productivity, and even temperature can be analyzed. IoT technologies can also be used to warn users about potential hazards or dangerous situations will also be beneficial to one’s health and safety.

A more mundane function of IoT is the use of special trackers to track luggage when traveling. IoT technologies are moving quickly and these are just a few ways it can help revolutionize lives.

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