Intel Releases 7th Gen Core Processor, Kaby Lake

Navin Shenoy holds a 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processor (image from techcrunch)

Intel’s the 7th Gen Core processor, Kaby Lake, officially launched at the end of August. The new processor has the same 14nm manufacturing process as the 6th Gen, Skylake. Intel claims that web performance will be improved by 19 percent, and productivity apps’ performance will improve by 12 percent. The new processor will let people stream 4K content with a battery life that’s three times better. Among other perks are better 360-degree videos and virtual and augmented reality applications. Kaby Lake introduces new I/O options, including a USB-C with additional functions via Thunderbolt 3.

The new processor will allow for thinner laptops, which means Apple will likely upgrade its laptops with this chip. It’s rumored new Apple laptops will be announced later this fall. Microsoft Surface products may also be getting an upgrade using Kaby Lake. Windows PCs with this processor will not support an OS older than Windows 10. Intel is not planning to update drivers on older Windows for Kaby Lake, reported Forbes.

We’ll see soon what new designs come out with this new processor.

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