Intel Interview at DesignCon 2015

If you weren’t able to attend DesignCon or stop by Sierra Circuits’ booth, check out our video series! Because we know you care about PCBs, circuit design, and engineering, we interviewed the most talented, knowledgeable folks at the show. We’ve got a great mix of software vendors, industry leaders, and signal integrity and high speed experts. Here’s the fifth of our ten interviews.

Jeff Loyer, of Intel, is an expert on signal integrity. Watch his video to find out the tips he has for PCB designers regarding their traces, routing, and material choices.

Jeff’s Tip Of The Day
As signal integrity expert Eric Bogatin’s says, is be the signal. Most of your routing today is high-speed differential, and you have to make sure that the two halves of the differential pair stay in phase from the start to the beginning. If they start to get out of phase, correct it quickly, and then move on until the next turn.

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