Increasing the Accessibility of 3D Printers

3D-printed items are incredible feat. They can range from prosthetics to edible candy to figures just 3 mm in height. 3D-printers are just as versatile. The largest measures in at 15 feet; one of the smallest is the LIX 3D printing pen. With this surge in popularity, 3D printers are becoming increasingly more accessible to makers, hobbyists, designers, and everyone in between.

Tinkertine and PrinterWords recently partnered in an effort to broaden the outreach of 3D printers. Canadian-based Tinkertine, the leading manufacturer of 3D printers, recently attended the San Mateo Maker Faire. PrinterWorks, also based in Canada, is one of the largest independently managed print service companies in Western Canada.

This partnership provides advantages and benefits for both companies and their customers. “Tinkerine develops, manufactures, distributes, and sells 3D printers, software and materials for both education and consumer markets… [so] consumers can go to PrinterWorks and service their 3D printing needs in a single location.”

We look forward to seeing how this partnership will assist in the expansion of the 3D printing market.

[Via: 3D Print]

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