Heidi Barnes Interview at PCB West 2015


If you weren’t able to attend PCB West or stop by Sierra Circuits’ booth, we missed you! But don’t worry—you can reach out to us any time to discuss our products and services. And because we know keeping up with industry news, standards, and tips is a high priority, we’ve got a brand new video series you’ve got to check out.

We talked with vendors, product experts, software engineers, and industry leaders at PCB West. They were all kind enough to share information we know you will enjoy watching. Here is the first of our nine interviews.

Heidi Barnes is an applications manager at Keysight Technologies. Specializing in EDA simulation tools, one of Heidi’s areas of expertise is signal integrity and semiconductors—specifically, the amount of gigabits per second you can achieve. Watch her interview below to find out why she compares signal integrity to time travel.

Heidi’s Favorite Thing About Signal Integrity
My favorite thing about signal integrity is thinking about and learning how the path losses and reflections interact. That, and what problems that can cause in terms of degrading the ability to communicate from the transmitter to a receiver.

We also interviewed Heidi at DesignCon earlier this year, where she discussed signal integrity. Can’t get enough of PCB West? Check out our recap video.

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