Heidi Barnes Interview at DesignCon 2017

DesignCon is one of our industry’s largest shows, and one of our favorites. From emerging trends to industry breakthroughs, this show covers it all. We interviewed speakers and thought leaders to share their knowledge and expertise. Continue reading for Heidi Barnes’ interview.

Here is the first of nine interviews from DesignCon 2017. Heidi Barnes is an industry pioneer, and the 2017 Engineer of the Year! She is a Senior Applications Engineer for High Speed Digital Applications at Keysight Technologies.

Heidi’s Tip of the Day
To be a good engineer, you need both measurements and simulation. And using the two together is really where you gain a lot of insight and confidence in your engineering designs.

00:05  Please share your thoughts on DesignCon.
00:55  What is your favorite thing about DesignCon?
2:01  What are the emerging trends in the fields of SI or PI?
2:55  Can you summarize your presentation?
4:07  Have there been any changes in the fields of SI or PI?
4:34  What is the most important thing you’ve learned about SI and PI?
5:04  What is the current status of the IEEE P370 Working Group?
6:01  How do measurements provide different results than modeling?
7:17  Is Keysight launching or updating any new tools or programs this year?
8:11  Do you have any tips for designers when working on their PCBs?
8:56  How has your experience been at DesignCon this year?
9:34  Have you attended any sessions at DesignCon this year?
10:10  Can you share any insight on Sierra Circuits?

Heidi’s interviews always have excellent tips and shares information that are both useful and interesting. Check out her interviews from DesignCon 2015 and PCB West 2015, and DesignCon 2016!

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