Heidi Barnes DesignCon 2016 Interview

DesignCon is the largest show with a strategic focus on design. From signal integrity to power integrity to power distribution to the recent emergence of PAM-4, the knowledge gained at DesignCon is wholly unique, and unlike any other show. Sierra interviewed experts and leaders to share tips and discuss where they see our industry heading.

Below is the second of ten interviews from DesignCon 2016. Heidi Barnes is a Senior Application Engineer for High Speed Digital applications at Keysight Technologies. She had several presentations at DesignCon, including courses on power integrity, signal integrity, and PAM-4.

Heidi’s Tip of the Day
Signal integrity is challenging, and power integrity is even more challenging. Signal integrity dealt with the channel and the high frequency components. With power integrity, you have a transmission line with very low impedance that you have to think about; a lot of the sort of high frequency effects, but you also have to worry about the low frequency power supply VRM control loop problems. If you pick the wrong capacitors, the wrong power distribution networks, you can cause instability problems with your VRM, and that’s where the target impedance comes from.

Think of it as an ecosystem. That’s where the simulation can be very powerful. Look at how the VRM, your power distribution network on your board, and the IC you’re powering–how all of that is interacting, as well as the control loop and the balance of stability that’s happening to maintain an even power distribution all the way through.

Heidi Barnes’s interviews cannot be missed! She always provides excellent tips and shares information that is both useful and interesting. Check out her interviews from DesignCon 2015 and PCB West 2015!

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