HDI Quiz

HDI PCB designing

Do you know everything about HDI PCBs? Take our quiz to find out!

PCB transmission line quiz

Question #1: What does HDI stand for?

Question #2: What is one of the specificities of HDI PCBs?

Question #3: In a HDI PCB, microvias connect the layer with:

Question #4: What is not true about the dielectric constant?

Question #5: What does Tg stand for?

Question #6: What does the dielectric loss tangent measure?

Question #7: What doesn’t the via-in-pad process do?

Question #8: Why is the aspect ratio important?

Question #9: What do you call the layer of coating between the components and the bare HDI PCBs?

Question #10: What method is used to drill holes on HDI PCBs?

Question #11: Why do manufacturers use sequential lamination?

Question #12: What is not true about controlled impedance?

Question #13: Which one is a step of the 0-N-0 with laser microvias HDI stackup?


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