Google’s Text Adventure Game Will Make Your Day

Google’s Text Adventure Game Will Make Your Day post thumbnail image

We’ve been using it for years, every single day, and yet Google still finds ways to surprise us. Over the years, the internet giant has become more than just a boring search engine: It Doodles, it Pixels, it sits in our home giving us the weather and ordering pizza, and now it’s playing with us with its new text adventure!

“Hey Google, what’s up today?” The weather says it will rain but so far they got it wrong. Flu season is coming. So is Halloween. Oh and the whole world is trying to crack a hidden text adventure game. Because we got bored of Pokemon Go so why not.

Someone at Google just caught the Tesla fever and went on hiding Easter eggs in the Chrome developer console. Yes we know Elon Musk didn’t come up with this Easter egg frenzy but it was the perfect excuse to slip in this link about Model Y. Seriously, go read it!

Let’s get back to the excitement of the day. To access Google’s new toy, start Chrome and enter “text adventure” in the search bar. If you’re using a PC, press Control+Shift+J to launch the developer console. If you’re on a Mac, you have to press Cmd+Option+J.

Google developer console text adventure game

Can you see the developer console on the right? It’s now asking you if you want to play a game. Well, of course you do. So type “yes”, press Enter and let the game begin.

Here’s an exciting pitch: “A strange tingle trickles across your skin. You feel lightheaded and sit down. Feeling better you stand up again and notice your reflection in a window. You are still the same big blue G you’ve always been and you can’t help but smile.”

“But wait! Where are your friends red o, yellow o, blue g, green l, and the always quirky red e? You see a statue of a metal man peeking out of a building. A park is just across the street.”

Google text adventure game

Off you go, type single-word commands – such as “north”, “grab”, “help” and so on, you get the point – and start looking for your letter friends across the developer console.

So, where does this new game stand compared to the running T-rex? What? You don’t know about the T-rex that jumps over cactus? Google “T-Rex Game” and click The Code Post app link. We just made your day, didn’t we? Good luck getting back to work now!

Google T-rex game




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