Flying Probe Testing Quiz

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Flying probe testing is a very important yet unexplored – or not enough explored – topic. It’s true that it might not be that easy to understand. But don’t let that intimidate you. If you are confident (or maybe not so confident) about your flying probe knowledge, just take the following quiz. Because even if you fail, no one’s watching. And if you pass, hurray you are a flying probe expert! Therefore, it is a win-win.




This was fun right?

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We had absolutely no pleasure in seeing you fail the quiz. But don’t worry we’ve got you covered, just go through our article How Flying Probe Testing works for PCB Assembly.


#1 Flying probe testing is a type of which electrical test?


#2 Flying probe is a form of ICT. But what kind of ICT?


#3 Flying probe testing was primarily used for bare board testing.


#4 Flying probe can be used for:


#5 The camera equipped in the flying probe makes it even more ideal for the testing. What does it check?


#6 You must have heard flying probe doesn’t require test points. So how does a flying probe acquire test points?


#7 The maximum applicable voltage with standard isolation resistance measurement is:


#8 In addition to electrical testing, flying probe can implement functional testing as well as AOI testing.


#9 Flying probe makes it much easier to implement changes in features such as in pads or component positions. Why?


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