Flex PCB Design Tips

Picture of Flex Pcb Layers, new and improved

2015 has been all about flex here at Sierra. We launched our new flexible PCB product pages, we wrote a Flex Design Guide, and we even co-presented a free flex webinar with Altium!

We’ve updated our flex design tips page to include recent questions and concerns customers have had in regard to their designs.

Some of the design questions we resolve include:
Preferred hole and pad sizes for flexible PCBs.
Alternative prepreg materials for joining flex and rigid materials
Whether stacked microvias or blind/buried vias are more cost-effective in HDI rigid-flex designs.

Some of the manufacturing and assembly questions we resolve include:
Tooling holes and fiducials
Avoiding blistering

Click here to see how we resolved these issues. If we haven’t answered your questions, write them in the comments below.

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