Eric Bogatin at DesignCon 2017

DesignCon is one of our industry’s largest shows, and one of our favorites. From emerging trends to industry breakthroughs, this show covers it all. We interviewed speakers and thought leaders to share their knowledge and expertise. Continue reading for Eric Bogatin’s interview.

Here is the second of nine interviews from DesignCon 2017. Eric Bogatin is the leading expert on signal integrity. He is the Dean of Teledyne LeCroy’s Signal Integrity Academy and an adjunct professor at the University of Colorado Boulder. His website, Be The Signal, offers classes and content on signal integrity.

Eric’s Tip of the Day
If you’re able to control the process of the laminate itself, rotate the alignment of the glass weave laminate to the edge of the board a couple degrees. This should eliminate the glass weave skew problem in even the cheapest, low-cost boards.

00:05  How have the tools for SI changed?
1:14  Currently, SI, PI, and EMI require separate tools. Do you think it will be possible to incorporate all three functions in one tool?
1:52  Can you discuss the complexity of EMI?
2:43  What are some EMI design best practices?
3:27  How do designers have to adapt to frequency range for applications increasing?
5:17  Does copper have an inherent limitation in terms of high data rates?
6:29  What is the state of components for such high frequencies?
7:26  What kind of issues are you seeing caused by external radiation at high frequencies?
8:11  Can you speak about high data rates and its effect on signal integrity?
9:17  How have the best practices for analysis simulation changed as we move to higher frequencies?
11:20  Is HDI technology compatible with high frequency data rates?
13:14  What is the fiberglass weave effect and how does it affect high frequency signals?
17:23  Are there any tips for mitigating the glass weave skew effect?
18:51  Do you have any tips for PCB designers?

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