Eric Bogatin DesignCon 2016 Interview

DesignCon is the largest show with a strategic focus on design. From signal integrity to power integrity to power distribution to the recent emergence of PAM-4, the knowledge gained at DesignCon is wholly unique, and unlike any other show. Sierra interviewed experts and leaders to share tips and discuss where they see our industry heading.

Below is the first of ten interviews from DesignCon 2016. Eric Bogatin is the leading expert on signal integrity, and was awarded the 2016 Engineer of the Year at DesignCon. Congratulations, Eric!

Eric’s Tip of the Day
Fix your signal integrity issues first before you try and fix EMI problems as signal integrity problems can contribute to EMI.

Want more signal integrity tips? We interviewed Eric at DesignCon 2014. Check out his interview here.

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