Elon Musk Presents SpaceX Spaceship To Go To Mars

Unless you have been living under a rock these last few years, you know that Elon Musk’s most cherished dream – or at least one of them – is to go to Mars. As the CEO of SpaceX, it does not seem to be too difficult for him to come up with a solid plan. And he did. Yesterday, on his Instagram page, he presented a rocket and a spaceship that could soon send people to the red planet.

Just last month, Elon Musk revealed the first picture of the SpaceX Spacesuit. He did not wait too long to show us what SpaceX designed to carry people into space. The Interplanetary Spaceship and Rocket would be launched from the 39A Launch Pad in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The company already uses this very same launch pad to send its Falcon 9 to the International Space Station.

During five short videos, we can see how we could go to Mars from liftoff to landing. We would have to use a high suspended walkway to board the rocket. Once in space, the first stage – also called the booster – would separate from the second stage and plunge back to Earth while the spaceship would head to parking orbit. The booster would then land on the launch mount to be reused right away, carrying a propellant tanker this time.

Ready to board? – Photo credit: Elon Musk Instagram / SpaceX

The tanker would refuel the spaceship in orbit before going back to Earth. Then, the spaceship could depart for Mars, also benefiting from the 200 kW of power coming from its solar arrays. After a long travel, passengers would safely land on the red planet.

Mars has never been so close! – Photo credit: Elon Musk Instagram / SpaceX

Alongside the videos, Elon Musk specified that SpaceX “will be unveiling the new version on Friday afternoon at IAC Adelaide.” We can’t wait to see it… and to go to Mars with him!

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