DFA Quiz

Design For Assembly is an essential part of the PCB design and manufacturing process. Yet, many PCB designers still make mistakes that cause delays and sometimes extra costs. Do you know everything about DFA? Take our quiz and find out!

PCB transmission line quiz


Question #1: What is the leading show-stopper in assembly?

Question #2: Via-in-pads must be filled, unless…

Question #3: What happens if one pad is substantially larger than its mate for a component?

Question #4: What do you have to do if any component requires lead-free assembly?

Question #5: What should you always instruct the fabricator?

Question #6: How can you achieve the best possible thermal distribution during solder reflow?

Question #7: Where can you format the manufacturer’s name, the item number, and the reference designators?

Question #8: If you need to assemble four boards, what must you not do?

Question #9: What does a design in ODB++ capture?




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