DesignCon 2014 Recap

DesignCon occurred just a few weeks ago, but my team and I are still absorbing all the knowledge learned from the classes we attended; reeling in amazement over the newest tools and software available—or about to launch.


One of our customers said it best:

“One of the reasons I love coming to DesignCon is that I learn something new every year. This year, the most impactful thing I learned was about how the roughness of copper impacts the speed of the signal across the PCB board.”

We asked a few Signal Integrity leaders, innovators, and all-around-heroes within this field to talk about their experience at DesignCon 2014.

Jim David, the Global Product Marketing Manager for FCI Electronics; Chudy Roosevelt Nwachukwu, who manages Signal Integrity application development at Isola; and Ben Jordan of Altium, round of our DesignCon recap.

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