Controlled Impedance Quiz

Controlled Impedance Quiz

Do you think you know everything about controlled impedance? Take our quiz and find out!



Congratulations, it looks like you know a lot about controlled impedance! But maybe you can still learn a few things by downloading our Controlled Impedance Design Guide?

Ouch, it looks like you still have a lot to learn about controlled impedance. Download our Design Guide now and become a master in controlled impedance!

#1 What is controlled impedance?

#2 In which unit is controlled impedance measured?

#3 At high frequencies, what is likely to happen if the impedance varies from one point to another on the signal trace trajectory?

#4 What is the standard tolerance for controlled impedance?

#5 What affects impedance?

#6 What does the percentage of the resin content have a great impact on?

#7 What is a good design practice for controlled impedance?

#8 Where should you place components and vias when designing for controlled impedance?


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