Charles Pfeil Interview at PCB West 2015

If you weren’t able to attend PCB West or stop by Sierra Circuits’ booth, we missed you! But don’t worry—you can reach out to us any time to discuss our products and services. And because we know keeping up with industry news, standards, and tips is a high priority, we’ve got a brand new video series you’ve got to check out.

We talked with vendors, product experts, software engineers, and industry leaders at PCB West. They were all kind enough to share information we know you will enjoy watching. Here is the fifth of our nine interviews.

Charles is a senior project manager at Altium. He is known for his expert knowledge on controlled impedance, BGAs, and routing.

Charles’s Tips on Avoiding Impedance Issues
Maintain a consistent impedance throughout your entire route. Make sure your stackup is defined. Make sure your trace widths and gaps for differential pairs have been properly set up. The best way of doing this is using an impedance calculator like Sierra’s.

Can’t get enough of PCB West? Check out our recap video.

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