Weekly Roundup: Brain Tech, IoT, and a Robot Companion

Industry News and Updates

Can the IoT Help Conserve Water?
We covered the uses and benefits of IoT in terms of water management and usage.

Stanford University Develops Brain-Sensing Technology
Researchers at Stanford University have developed brain-sensing technology that can read brain signals. This may be a breakthrough for those with movement disabilities.

Stories We Didn’t Cover

Blue Origin, run by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, successfully launched spacecraft, New Shepard. Bezos, like Elon Musk, wants
to send humans to space using reusable rockets.

Weekly Favorites

DIY Camera & Speaker
Kano, a British startup, has started a Kickstarter campaign for a build-your-own camera, speaker, and LED display. The CEO says the goal is to “make computing physical again.”

Toyota Releases Robot Companion

New York Library Has a Book Railroad

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