Blue Moon: Blue Origin’s Newest Lander is Ready to Take us to the Moon

<h1>Blue Moon: Blue Origin’s Newest Lander is Ready to Take us to the Moon</h1> post thumbnail image

Planning for a Europe tour? Or maybe looking for tickets to Miami? What about a trip to the moon? And on the way if you come across a planet you like; you can probably book yourself some land for your long-longed farmhouse. So next time you have a place to stay in space. You must be thinking this writer has lost her marbles and why is she still? Well, that’s because all I am writing is true. Maybe not right now but in a while, this will happen. And when this happens, it’s going to change our lives probably forever.

On Thursday, Jeff Bezos, the richest man on earth and the founder of Amazon and Blue Origin, presented a new moon lander called Blue Moon, along with a small rover. He referred to a concept given by Gerard O’Neil in 1975 which talks about a grand, multi-generational vision of one day creating enormous space colonies in close proximity to Earth, as a way of expanding humanity to a trillion people. He is really enthusiastic about using this new lander “Blue Moon” as step stone towards his vision.

Blue Moon was in making for three years and is a prototype. Bezos claimed that a larger version of this lander will enable Americans to pull off the deadline put forward by Trump’s administration. It will bring back Americans on the moon by 2024. It will be able to carry the rover that could do scientific missions and shoot off small satellites.

Blue Moon

Blue Moon and its rover landing on the moon… soon… – Image credit: Blue Origin

Before this Blue Moon, we also heard about Elon Musk’s larger rockets for orbital space travel. We also heard about space tourism, where you can actually pay and experience micro-gravity. Sounds like a space series? Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic is actually working on space tourism. According to Bezos, Earth is “finite”, so we would eventually need to seek room into space. So, that human existence can be ensured. Blue Origin and its previous work should help provide proper infrastructure for space.

There should always be someone capable and trustworthy to whom we can leave behind our legacies. That is our future generation, Bezos keeping that in mind unveiled the creation of the Club for the Future, which will focus on space-related activities for youths in grades K-12. Bezos’ company is also building a bigger rocket, New Glenn, that will compete with orbital class rockets like the SpaceX Falcon 9 to deliver commercial satellites and other large payloads to orbit.

We can expect the first launch of Blue Origin’s big rocket new Glenn by 2021. So, people fasten your seat-belts, stay put to your seats and get ready to zoom away to space.

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