Common Errors That Cause PCB Assembly Holds

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Double-check Your Orders to Avoid These Assembly Errors

Sierra Circuits builds boards precisely as our customers direct. We make sure we understand exactly what you want. We must hold a job if we find any discrepancy between your order and the files or parts you provide. Please double-check orders to avoid the following errors that would cause delays.

PCB Assembly

Don’t let simple mistakes cost you money and time!

Incomplete data

Sierra prefers to receive manufacturing data in the ODB++ format or with IPC-2581. If you have concerns about the latest, read our article about IPC-2581 questions answered by Consortium members. Gerbers accompanied by X-Y pick-and-place data and a BOM are also acceptable. Such details as RoHS or standard solder processing, finish plating, and solder mask selection must be clear and complete.

Footprint mismatch

A component identified in the BOM is too big, too small, or otherwise incorrect for its designated position.

Kitting components mixed, not separated

Consigned or partial turnkey assembly jobs cannot proceed unless the components for each line item in the BOM are contained on their own clearly marked reel or tape, or in a single bag or tray.

Multiple orders in one bag

Simultaneous consigned or partial turnkey orders are certainly welcome from any customer. But if you don’t separate the parts for each order into an independent box or bag with the accompanying BOM, assembly cannot begin.

Missing components

Customer-provided components must include minimum required overages to compensate for possible assembly attrition. Otherwise, we will consider the order incomplete. It will be delayed until corrected.

BOM not updated to match design changes

Last-minute design changes sometimes occur. But the BOM and all assembly files, instructions, and materials must be updated to coincide with those revisions.

Polarity not marked

If you don’t clearly indicate the anode or cathode of diodes or if the polarity of other components is not evident, PCB assembly process must be delayed.


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