Thermal Profiling Quiz

In PCB soldering temperature and time must be tightly controlled, if you aim for a better outcome. It’s a balancing act, indeed. PCB assemblies require processing at a high temperature for a long enough time period for good solder joints. But again overshooting the temperature or heating, the assembly too quickly can damage components. Also, insufficient heating can cause poor soldering and long-term reliability issues. The only way to get time and temperature just right is to measure and analyze. This is what is thermal profiling.

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Medical PCBs: The Revolutionary Evolution in Healthcare

Electronic Anatomy or PCBs in Electronics

Doctors are like that supreme power on earth. They have been here, treating people since almost stone age. But as time advanced, the criticality, as well as success rates of the treatment of doctors, also advanced. Their skills and dedication have remained constant throughout time. So what changed? If you look closely, the secret behind this exponentially rising success rate in healthcare is the technological advancements. Medical technological advancement is vaguely synonymous to electronic machines in here which in turn is completely dependent on PCBs. Therefore, we can say the advancements in the medical sciences in recent times are a result of collective efforts. The knowledge of both human anatomy and electronic anatomy (read PCB), drives the healthcare situation. Continue reading “Medical PCBs: The Revolutionary Evolution in Healthcare”

DDR4 Vs DDR5: May the Best RAM Win!

Getting a new phone? Make sure RAM is minimum 4GB. 6GB RAM is at least required for the proper working of your high processing phone and what not! Make sure you upgrade the RAM of your laptop before installing the new version of your game. You must have heard all of this from your tech-savvy friends a lot. And if you are a technologically challenged when it comes to gadgets, this article is absolutely for you. Even if you are not, read on for some interesting facts. Continue reading “DDR4 Vs DDR5: May the Best RAM Win!”

Military Grade PCBs: The Heart of New Age Warfare

Patriotic PCBs

We have one of the best in class facility for PCB manufacturing and assembly. We boast ITAR expertise, and we follow them and produce the military PCBs. Our company uses only high-class materials for prepregs and core. We use the latest LDI technology for precise traces. Some really hot-shot companies are our clients and blah blah. We and almost all PCB companies have been marketing their service with these lines since ages. Therefore, today we won’t talk about those. Let’s talk patriotism today! Continue reading “Military Grade PCBs: The Heart of New Age Warfare”

Is Industry 4.0 Truly Revolutionary When It Comes to PCBs?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says revolution? Change, rather a change for good. Something that alters the way of things to be.  In most cases, the change that manifested was necessary. Industry, the sector of the economy concerned with the manufacturing of goods, has also undergone several revolutions. The one in which we are putting our money in is the 4th industrial revolution or what we refer to as Industry 4.0. Continue reading “Is Industry 4.0 Truly Revolutionary When It Comes to PCBs?”

The Sorry State of Internet Security In Recent IoT Ecosystem

Talking about IoT makes us cool but neglecting it’s security aspects will certainly make us fools. Einstein once said, “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded humanity”. We are now at a point where the internet and its things are for real exceeding human race. Internet of Things (IoT) is the biggest yet wave of the internet sensation. IoT has the potential to connect nearly 28 billion ‘things’ to the internet by 2020, ranging from bracelets to your washing machines to cars. While the earlier developments of the internet mostly affected the technology industry, we believe IoT will go beyond technology to revamp every industry. Continue reading “The Sorry State of Internet Security In Recent IoT Ecosystem”