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PCB Assembly Inspection Report Format

Documentation is a pivotal component of the product lifecycle. PCB assembly inspection report is an essential element of the documentation ... more »

PCB Assembly

PCBAs for Aerospace Thermal Control System

At first glance, the term thermal control system (TCS) may seem complex. But it simply means maintaining the desired temperature ... more »

Defense & Space

5 Attributes to Detect Counterfeit Electronic Components

Counterfeit electronic components pose a significant risk to various industries across the globe. These fake parts affect almost all sectors ... more »

PCB Design

6 Types of Electronic Component Failures in PCBs

Electronics is at its peak with the advent of digitization. The components used in electronic equipment may experience certain failures ... more »

PCB Assembly

Medical Device Regulations for PCB Assembly

Adhering to industry-specific rules and regulations is an essential prerequisite for any product. Medical device regulations for PCBA are crucial ... more »

How To PCB

How Vibrations in Space Vehicles Affect PCBA

Effects of vibrations on PCBA causes fatigue and eventually fail some parts in space missions. These electronic devices should function ... more »

Defense & Space

IPC J-STD-001 Standard Soldering Requirements

J-STD-001 is a standard issued by IPC for soldered electrical and electronic assemblies. The standard specifies material specifications, process requirements, ... more »

How To PCB

DFM for Flex and Rigid-Flex PCBs Utilizing SMT

Design for manufacturing (DFM) guidelines resolves potential issues that can occur during the manufacturing and assembly of circuit boards. DFM ... more »

Flex PCBs

Key Aspects of DFM for HDI PCBs

Design for manufacturability (DFM) for HDI PCBs refers to designing layouts that reduce the errors associated with fabrication and assembly.

Defense & Space

How to Work Around Black Pad in ENIG Finish

Black pad has long been a problem for ENIG surface finishes. What are the best ways to work around it?

How To PCB

Mastering the Art of PCB Design Basics

To be a proficient designer, understanding the basics of PCB design is vital. The knowledge of appropriate component selection, schematic ... more »

How To PCB

What is Conformal Coating?

A critical part of PCB manufacturing is to protect the board from adverse environmental conditions by using various treatments and ... more »

How To PCB

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