Author: Rahul Shashikanth

Black Hole Powehi

Say Cheese, Black Hole!

Yes, we have it! The picture we all were waiting for. Powehi, the Black Hole, saying cheese! If you have watched the movie Interstellar, you can see similarities between the

Husky Robotics Team

Husky Robotics Ready for Another Mars Rover Challenge

With a mission to build another robot for Mars, Husky Robotics, the student-run organization of University of Washington, have crafted yet another Mars rover. Building on their previous model, Orpheus,

Wet PCB Etching Using Acidic and Alkaline Methods

PCB etching is a process of removal of unwanted copper (Cu) from the circuit board. When I say unwanted, it is nothing but the non-circuit copper that is removed from

Prepreg the slice of cheese in PCB

Prepreg: The Slice of Cheese in your PCB

As simple as it is, a prepreg is nothing but an insulation layer. Prepreg is a dielectric material that is sandwiched between two cores or between a core and a

PCB Components Quiz

PCB Components Quiz

PCB components are the functional part of the board and designers should know everything about them. Take this quiz to test your knowledge on PCB components.

Annular Ring

Annular Ring: The Copper Ring That Worries Them All

Annular rings are one of the biggest concerns of PCB designers. You know that you may place your via right in the middle of the pad in the design files,