Uber’s Self-Driving Truck Makes 120 Mile Journey

One of the most anticipated uses of autonomous vehicle technology is for larger vehicles making long-haul drives, like trucks. Uber launched self-driving cars in Pittsburgh in September, and now are showing their self-driving truck. Otto, a San Francisco based startup that was acquired by Uber last year, outfitted the truck with their self driving software and hardware technology. The 18 wheeler started off in Fort Collins, Colorado and drove 120 miles to Colorado Springs to deliver 50,000 cans of Budweiser. Once on the highway, the human driver in the truck left the driver’s seat and spent the trip in a sleeping area.

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Apple’s New MacBook Pro Has Touch Bar

Apple has made headlines the past few months with the new technology and product changes: they’re using custom chips in their products, including in their wireless earphones, the iPhone 7 has no headphone jack, and their watches are waterproof and better the first series. The headphone jack removal and wireless earphones received a lot of criticism in the media and their newest MacBook Pro is receiving a lot of attention too.

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