Author: Atar Mittal

Atar Mittal is the General Manager and Director of the Design and Assembly Sierra Circuits division. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur and has worked in the electronics industry for over three decades.
Pcb Boards and its Dielectric Materials

PCB Substrates: Knowing Your Dielectric Material’s Properties

A dielectric material conducts minimal electricity, and provides an insulating layer between two conducting copper layers. The most common dielectric material is FR-4, but before selecting it for your board,

Soldermask for Pcb's

For Microwave PCBs, Solder Mask Design Affects Cost

Weigh Design Choices for Solder Mask on Microwave PCBs PTFE-based PCB laminates have long been the materials of choice for rf and microwave circuits because of their low loss tangents