ANSYS Interview from DesignCon 2015

If you weren’t able to attend DesignCon or stop by Sierra Circuits’ booth, check out our video series! Because we know you care about PCBs, circuit design, and engineering, we interviewed the most talented, knowledgeable folks at the show. We’ve got a great mix of software vendors, industry leaders, and signal integrity and high speed experts. Here’s the eighth of our ten interviews.

Larry Williams of ANSYS is the director of product management for the electronics business. Watch his interview and learn about how ANSYS plans on dealing with high speed.

Larry Discusses PCBs
So for printed circuit boards, we’re very interested in how DC current flows, and we want to start there. We want to understand if there’s Joule heating due to high currents. Of course, devices are getting hot, so we look at a thermal analysis. When the board gets hot or a package gets hot, it can deform. We look at the deformation due to thermal and mechanical stress.

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